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Semi-finished products

La Cesenate is specialized in the production of tomato and mashed fruits for infants and organic for baby food. 100% Italian raw materials, harvested at the right level of ripeness, processed with leading technologies and controlled with chemicals and qualitative analysis for a product of high quality.

Alce Nero

La Cesenate is a partner of Alce Nero, major brand of over a thousand farmers, beekeepers and organic transformers. La Cesenate produces numerous Alce Nero organic products: tomato puree, pulps and sauces, fruit juices and nectars, boiled legumes and soups, pesto sauces and pâté, pickled vegetables, vegetable drinks and food for infants.

Alce Nero Baby Food

Alce Nero Baby is the organic food line dedicated to infants from 0 to 3 years, produced in Italy with Italian ingredients. La Cesenate produces baby food and fruit juices Alce Nero Baby.


La Cesenate offers a wide range of tomatoes and vegetables preserves, intended for the catering industry. They are available in tinplate containers and flexible bags, depending on the customer’s needs.

La Cesenate

La Cesenate produces some products under its own brand name. They are available at the company store or by contacting the company directly.

Alce Nero Organic:
Tomato sauces

Organic classic tomato sauce – 200 g.

Alce Nero Organic:
Fruit juices and nectars

Organic apple and blueberry nectar – 3 brik – 3×200 ml.

Alce Nero Organic:
Boiled legumes

Organic boiled peas – 300 g.

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